Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019

How do people earn money through Instagram?

Instagram is obviously the platform of choice for many self-invented entrepreneurs who now make more than a decent living off of the app. It happened rather spontaneously in the beginning, but nowadays there’s very few marketing strategies that don’t involve some sort of influencer marketing activities.


When it comes to actual money making on Instagram, there are a three main ways:

  • Selling your account. This is obviously a one time thing, but when people need some extra cash this is an easy way to get it. The amount you can get varies based on the number of followers, engagement rate and the number of ghost followers an account might have.
  • The other very popular way is using a profile to sell stuff and/or promote a business that is being run in real life. Marketing on Instagram can be incredibly powerful when used right since everyone is on there and many of those people would hardly be reached any other way.
  • Being an influencer. This has become super popular in the past 2-3 years since more and more brands started reaching out to people with a lot of followers that match their target audience to market their products. People who have large numbers of followers and high engagement rate are able to easily make six figures only by posting pictures on Instagram.

One thing that is common for all the people who are able to make a nice living on Instagram is that they have a fairly large audience and one that is genuinely interested in their content. If this is something you want to pursue, I would suggest working on that objective. If you don’t know where to start there’s tons of resources online.

The money formula is simple.

  1. Think of something people really want and will do anything in order to get it. The “product” can be a free iphone, free instagram money making guide, etc. You name it.
  2. Create a website, lock the free content so that people have to complete an offer first. Put the website link in IG bio.
  3. Now we have to get traffic to your Instagram account. We will find large IG account related to your niche and start following and unfollowing its followers. We won’t do it one by one, but we will use automation software {bot} instead.

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